One-On-One College/University Preparation Mentoring

We help both guardians and prospective students to be familiarized with the college/university admissions and financial aid processes. Below is an outline of what we do portfolio organization, university choices; expressing their strengths; financial planning and scholarship highlight; and continuous improvement support.

We work with our mentees side-by-side through each step of their personalized college/university planning process, equipping them with the necessary information and skills to be successful. Our initial focus is on assisting them in developing a well-balanced portfolio: including evaluating their academic, extra-curricular, and community service records through a comprehensive skills and interest assessments. We further assist them in developing and distinguishing their strengths and passions. Finally, we guide them on how to proactively to solidify their leadership skills and extend their strengths while directly tackling their shortcomings.

Application Assistance: With a strengthened portfolio, we then turn our attention to their university applications to ensure it tells their story and maximizes their chances for acceptance with scholarship. The participant will get in-depth knowledge of public and private college systems, admissions requirements, entrance/placement tests, schools research - choosing the right college/university, financial aid process, federal aid requirements, scholarship search, college residential options, and the realities of campus life. At the completion of this process, the participant will have a competitive portfolio and the tools to succeed in reaching their goals and achieving admissions and academic success.

Scholarship Opportunities: We give our participants access to scholarship opportunities. We are proud to say that due to the interest and the trust some institutions have in our program, they easily identify strength in facilitating their recruitment and retention success by extending application fee waivers and some scholarship to our participants. Hence we leverage our partnership to provide scholarship and work-study opportunities to our program participants.

Internship and Work Experience: We will ongoing successful approaches to workforce training for giving the participants access to internships and hands on corporate preparation for easy employment after graduation

Academic Skill Improvement

  • Continuous Academic and employability assessments
  • Resume Development
  • Resume Critique
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Career Exploration Events

In summation, we work with them to achieve their career goals with the least stress and the greatest success.