Our mission is to empower you to embrace your right to learn the right thing the right way; and at the right place, the right time and the right price.


Therefore we provide fun learning space for individuals preparing for exams, enriching their classroom learning and career skills.

Therefore, feel free to take our courses to enrich your knowledge; nourish and optimize your skills. Learning is a lifelong project. STEP UP and CLIMB UP with our LEARNING institute.


The philosophy behind Rightvarsity hinges on the following facts:

  • Many students perform below their potentials when learning is inadequate and/or unappealing.
  • The need to leverage the benefits of highly-skilled work force as a facilitator of innovative, sustainable, and successful practices that improve productivity and capture new markets.
  • The market economy of demand and supply is currently moving more rapidly than the bureaucracy of academic institutions can sustain.
  • For one to be continuously at the cutting edge, improve personal efficiency and effectiveness, it is imperative to source more exciting complementary learning experience outside the four walls of the school.


We have a dedicated team of subject matter experts, and software engineers working with a group of young and aggressive brains from different universities under the advisory eyes of retired professors and seasoned executives with several years of experience in Fortune 500 Silicon Valley hi-tech corporations.

The team is led by an instructional technology and curriculum expert, Molly Egondu Ukwuije-Uzoh, while the fresh brains are constantly putting us in check with what is COOL and cutting edge.

Academic Enrichment and Support

Our institute have self-pace online and offline courses for participants of any age. We precise learning content at all levels starting from preschool to college.

Lifestyle and Life Long Learning

We have self-paced courses for professional skills development as well as high demand workforce/vocational skills, Public Health, Apps & tools.