Rightvarsity Sponsorships

With Rightvarsity, it is easy to say good bye to illiteracy. Pay it forward. Give a priceless gift of knowledge to someone today. Yes we have gift certificates to go with it. Find out how you can use our courses, products and services to fulfill your civic/social responsibility

  • Order our content specific flash drives, tablets PCs or Tablet Smartphones to support the academic success of any number of students that you can afford.
  • Sponsor a student, a school, a village or even a state for Right Varsity programs. You can specify the academic level as well. Yes. We will make sure that you get a copy of their report cards to evaluate the returns on your investment.
  • Offer a scholarship to students to continue their education at any particular academic level in an accredited institution.
  • Sponsor a girl or woman who would have been denied access to education.
  • Sponsor a grandma or grandpa who did not have the opportunity to go to school so that they can learn how to read and write within 6-12 months.
  • Find out how you can volunteer as a live instructor, tutor, mentor, subject matter expert, instructional designer, technology expert, program evangelist, etc.
  • Donate some educational content.
  • Donate a public computer lab (partial donation is welcome).
  • Donate a public science lab (partial donation is welcome).
Find out how you can establish a Rightvarsity sponsorship. Contact us at campus@rightvarsity.com