Rightvarsity WLAN Service

Rightvarsity is the brain child of curriculum experts who have many years of experience in training teacher for successful student performance improvement and better real life learning application. Feel free to integrate Rightvarsity into your classroom activities/homework to increase your students' success rate in standardized tests.

Offline Rightvarsity Server Leasing to Franchised Learning Centers is a wireless local area network (WLAN) server for a computer lab or learning center (a.k.a. CBT center.)

  • Teachers can enroll their students and monitor their progress.
  • Take advantage of our learning games, videos, assignments and practice tests in the classroom
  • Start using the free textbooks and learning tools today
  • Find out how you can use our courses and yours to spin off your own e-learning portal for your own school or department within 24 hours.
  • Feel free to request quotes for our custom learning packages that we can bring to your computer labs offline
  • Yes. We can package the course materials for your students offline. YOUR STUDENTS DO NOT HAVE TO GO ON THE INTERNET TO ACCESS OUR COURSES.
  • Use our courses for professional development in your school too.
Find out how you can establish a Rightvarsity Drop Zone in your school. Contact us at campus@rightvarsity.com