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  • Quote 1: "I was awarded my dream job in the company that I had always wanted to work for. I could not have done this without you because I know where I was before I came to you. Thank you very much for your job training (interview coaching.) God bless you." ---- - Valerie, Engineering graduate
  • Quote 2: Thanks to the internship, I now know what it’s like to have a job and how to use multimedia and animation tools to create interactive digital content, including games and e-books. I have also learned how to use a computer and coding applications more effectively.“ ----- Nikko, High School, aspiring to major in Computer Science.
  • Quote 3: "I just wanted to say thanks again for allowing me to be an intern for you last quarter, I Just got hired in my field and I know my intern with you definately helped me land the job ..." ---- David R Warden
  • Quote 4: Trying to integrate our kids into the United States education system was not easy, until a friend introduced us to your Learning Right programs. Your help and work enabled us to feel at home in this foreign land. ----- Anthony
  • Quote 5: "I was out of school for over 3 years before I decided to go back to school. I registered for the computer JAMB but I did not know where to start. I was afraid of the computer and I was exam nervous too. I was lucky to be part of the pilot group for testing the Right Varsity JAMB Pack. I used it only two weeks before taking the computer JAMB Exam. It was a God sent. " ----- Emeka
  • Quote 6: The questions in the exam were coming out like the ones that I used for the practice. The only difference is that the real exam did not score me immediately. I thank God for JAMBRight. I got admission into the higher institution of my first choice. I wish I had started using it earlier. I recommend it to all JAMB candidates ----- Christian
  • Quote 7: Thanks to your mentoring/tutoring service, two of our kids are now attending a highly competitive upscale private high school on scholarship, and thriving academically as well. Keep up the good work! ----- Okoro